11 questions 4… KYROS

11 questions 4… KYROS


Last month London-based prog rockers KYROS released their corking new album Vox Humana, along with a video for single ‘Monster’ filmed in the TV production studios at singer Adam Warne’s alma mater Middlesex University.

In the latest 11 questions 4… the band talk time signatures, Donald Trump and one-way trips to Mars.

1. What does KYROS mean?

Robin Johnson (drums): It derives from the Greek word kairos which means the right or opportune moment.

2. Describe your sound in four words

Adam Warne (vocals/keys): Yeah sure, why not

Joey Frevola (guitar):  Electro 80’s prog step

3. Which band would you most like to support on tour?

Robin: Muse.

Adam: Muse. Definitely Muse.

4. Donald Trump has no political experience, so if you could pick one musician to be President who would it be?

Joey: Devin Townsend. Mostly for the speeches.

Sam Higgins (guitar): Simon Godfrey should be the president of Earth.

Adam: I’m with Sam on this one. Our good friend, Simon Godfrey.

5. Six, seven or eight strings?

Robin: None. I’ll take 16 drum heads and nine cymbals instead!

6. What’s your favourite time signature?

The band suggests everything from good old 4/4 to 13/8. Watch the music video for ‘Monster’ filmed at Middlesex University for a bit of 7/8. Ed.

7. Jam or cream first on a scone?

Robin: Cream first, always!

Sam: If you use enough cream, putting the jam on afterwards is a scientific impossibility.

Adam:  I’m unfortunately one of ‘those’ people where gluten tends to make my bowels implode so I unfortunately can’t enjoy scones. Sad face.

8. Worst gigging experience?

Peter Episcopo (bass): Being shouted at on stage in Bristol and having a nose-to-nose confrontation. Utter embarrassment.

Robin: Playing at a school concert and the drum kit starts falling apart. That wasn’t ideal.

Sam: Supporting IQ in the Netherlands, most of the band went over in a van the day before the show. I had other commitments that day, so I flew out on the day of the show. Long story short, nobody put my guitar in the van…

Adam: Cracking the screen on my prized Korg Kronos while playing in Manchester back in 2015. It’s still not been repaired. I should get around to doing that.

Joey:  I actually don’t think I’ve ever played a gig I didn’t enjoy.

9. Why should people listen to Vox Humana?

Peter: One does not simply listen to Vox Humana, they get sucked into it. The music is very engrossing – it temporarily detaches you from reality.

Robin: To hear how high Adam can sing in Hounds at 2:04. Seriously, check it out. It’s real Matt Bellamy stuff!

Sam: I heard that if you listen really carefully, it tells you where to find One-Eyed Willie’s buried treasure.

10. What will 2017 bring?

Robin: Gigs, peace, love, maybe even some fan-mail…

Sam: Hopefully a few less dead music legends than 2016.

11. Would you consider a one-way flight to Mars?

Adam: Yeah

Robin: Nah, the scenery there’s a bit dull to be honest.

Sam: How good is the Italian food on Mars?