Album review: You’re Goddamn Right – Countless Thousands

Album review: You’re Goddamn Right – Countless Thousands


I’m not sure about the term “enthusiastic rock music” – in the case of Los Angeles-based Countless Thousands I feel it does their energetic, emotive brand of guitar music something of a disservice.

You’re Goddamn Right, their new Kickstarter-funded six-track album, starts at frantic tempo with ‘The Asskickers’ Union’. The creatively named Danger Van Gorder has a dynamic voice with plenty of attitude and he delivers lines such as “Lady Gaga is an utter lunatic” with some panache.

The furious pace doesn’t slow a jot for the Offspring-esque riff-based ‘We’ve Got a Dress Code’, but the paired down acoustic ‘Excellent Horse Like Lady’ quickly demonstrates that Countless Thousands aren’t just 160bpm one trick ponies. Plus, it’s a dry-witted ditty about North Korea – not your usual punk pop subject matter.

‘Only Child’ recalls Weezer’s ‘Buddy Holly’ and there’s also a distinct Barenaked Ladies flavour to the delivery of both vocals and guitar. It’s also a pretty angry song – “my sister is an asshole” this tune’s main refrain.

Another change up comes with the crunchy palm muted rock riffs and sing-along harmonised choruses of ‘Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As’ and then there’s ‘Gang Fight’ – think Fallout Boy and The Offspring again – to finish things off in style. “Bring a blunt object to Bristol Street – oh, it’s a gang fight, it’s a gang fight!” sung in the style of ‘Original Prankster’.

Frankly it’s no surprise their Kickstarter campaign was 300% successful – it’s not hard to get “enthusiastic” about music this cool.

11 is louder than 10 verdict

11 – Sonic boom
10 – Planet rock
9 – Headbanging
8 – Turn it up
7 – Rocking
6 – Foot tapping
5 – Worth a listen
4 – Background music
3 – Turn it down
2 – Earache
1 – Turn it off
0 – Ear bleeding

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