Album review: Loaded Gun – Chrystyna Marie

Album review: Loaded Gun – Chrystyna Marie

Chrystyna Marie

Appropriately, Chrystyna Marie‘s new EP Loaded Gun opens with a bang – the brooding, snarling blues of the title track, with its show stopping and deliciously catchy chorus, the perfect vehicle for the Canadian’s powerful vocal delivery.

It’s this classically trained yet gritty vocal that underpins this undeniably listenable if not slightly disjointed four-track showcase, which veers from moody blues to drama-filled pop rock.

‘Down the Road’ has an engaging dynamic range and is littered with all the strains of organ that you expect and want from a blues number, while ‘No More’ is satisfyingly emotive pop-rock tune led by piano and featuring another very catchy chorus – Marie certainly knows how to sing an engaging melody.

Closing track ‘The Tower’ is actually quite sinister and edgy in its opening refrains and I was half expecting it to launch into an Evanescence-style femme metal extravaganza after the rousing ‘No More’, but the track never really quite get going.

While lacking a little in musical direction, Loaded Gun certainly offers more than enough in the way of big choruses and catchy hooks to suggest Marie could become a hit maker. With influences as diverse as Etta James and Christina Aguilera it will be interesting if she takes a definitive blues or pop direction with her forthcoming full-length album, which she is recording this autumn.

11 is louder than 10 verdict

11 – Sonic boom
10 – Planet rock
9 – Headbanging
8 – Turn it up
7 – Rocking
6 – Foot tapping
5 – Worth a listen
4 – Background music
3 – Turn it down
2 – Earache
1 – Turn it off
0 – Ear bleeding