Album review: Jane in Space – Jane in Space

Album review: Jane in Space – Jane in Space

Jane in Space

They say never judge a book by its cover but when it comes to album sleeves there’s no doubt they set expectations.

Jane in Space have set their stall out with a piece of stylish praying mantis artwork that has an iconic sort of feel about it, like Muse’s Origin of Symmetry – it makes you excited about pressing play.

The New Yorkers’ opening track ‘Say Something’ does not disappoint. Uber cool and edgy, it has a film soundtrack quality about it with its stylish beats and understated vocals.

‘Dehyrdrated’ has more of an 80s aura – Pet Shop Boys and Rock Me Amadeus spring to mind. ‘Spiderwebs’ flirts with Linkin Park before adopting more of a chill out feel.

There are other less well known similarities too. The guitar riffs in both ‘Weightlessness’ and ‘Helsinki’ bear an uncanny resemblance to prog metal legends Dream Theater’s epic track ‘In the Name of God’.

While Tom Vickers’ vocals are appropriately downplayed throughout there is plenty of emotion in his sombre delivery and emotive lyrics. Lines such as “I get mental abrasions when I look at you” and the anguished “the thought of going to bed without you” hint at a songwriting process fuelled by the propellant of human relationships.

‘Jane3’ and ‘Jane9’ are more atmospheric fillers than songs in their own right, but the pulsating rhythms of ‘Feel It Alive’ ensures Jane in Space finishes with a bang.

Jane in Space is out 19 August 2016.

11 is louder than 10 verdict

11 – Sonic boom
10 – Planet rock
9 – Headbanging
8 – Turn it up
7 – Rocking
6 – Foot tapping
5 – Worth a listen
4 – Background music
3 – Turn it down
2 – Earache
1 – Turn it off
0 – Ear bleeding