Album review: Love Won’t Make You Cry – Bitter’s Kiss

Album review: Love Won’t Make You Cry – Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter's Kiss - Love Won't Make You Cry EP

With more than 220,000 Facebook fans and millions of listens to her work on Soundcloud and Youtube, Bitter’s Kiss frontwoman Chloe Baker isn’t doing too badly for someone who’s only been a serious musician for a year and is still attending an arts academy.

It certainly helps that the New Jersey native is able to call upon her musician dad Michael, who not only plays guitar, piano, bass and drums on debut EP Love Won’t Make You Cry, but produced it too.

Chloe, for the record, sings and plays guitar and piano, so she’s hardly just the good looking face of Bitter’s Kiss’s low-key brand of melancholy, yet strangely uplifting indie pop.

There is more than a hint of fellow American Lana Del Rey, from neighbouring New York, in her hauntingly beautiful vocal delivery – especially on stand out track ‘The Rope’.

This edgy and brilliantly catchy track examines Chloe’s feelings about the suicide of a distant cousin from a very religious background – “there’s a quicker way to heaven if you can find yourself the rope”. Dark stuff.

But there is plenty of hopeful stuff in there too. The piano-led, Norah Jones-esque title track ‘Love Won’t Make You Cry’ and the light, airy ‘No One Will’, bringing back memories of Sixpence None The Richer in their 90s pomp.

This girl is definitely one to watch.

Love Won’t Make You Cry is out now. 

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