Single review: Whitehorse – Chasing Dragons


In 2014, Leeds metal heads Chasing Dragons deservedly took down our Upcoming Artists of the Year Best Album award for the scorching Checkmate. 

This year, they’re back with album teaser Faction: Prologue featuring three new tracks; the second single from which, ‘Whitehorse’, has just been released in video form – and it’s another absolute corker.

It gets off to a brooding start – a bass riff punctuated by sonar sounds – before launching into a neck-busting syncopated riff that wouldn’t sound out of place played by Swedish tech metal beasts Meshuggah.

As always singer Laurie ‘Tank’ Carnan is pushing the boundaries of what female metal singers can do and she gets to let rip as the chorus opens up and there’s also a nice solo from Mitch Sadler that recalls Trivium.

It’s saying something that this excellent track is not as strong nor catchy as previous video single ‘Devil In Her Eyes’, which I haven’t been able to stop listening to since it first blew forth from my speakers like a sonic tornado. Anthemic chorus: check. Screaming pinch harmonics: check. Pounding drums: check. When’s the full-length album coming out?

11 is louder than 10 verdict

11 – Sonic boom
10 – Planet rock
9 – Headbanging
8 – Turn it up
7 – Rocking
6 – Foot tapping
5 – Worth a listen
4 – Background music
3 – Turn it down
2 – Earache
1 – Turn it off
0 – Ear bleeding