Album review: St Giles Bowl – Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns

Album review: St Giles Bowl – Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns

St Giles Bowl

I’m a big fan of the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies, and when St Giles Bowl started spinning in my CD player (Ed. We don’t get sent many hard copies these days) I was immediately transported to the rowdy public houses where Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law enjoy some debauched evenings as Holmes and Watson.

Channelling gypsy folk, ‘One of a Thousand Men’ is a foot-stomping, violin-led riot of a tune – the ideal opener.

Back to the CD for a second, this comes in a plush cardboard sleeve, complete with lyric and photo booklet – making it a rather nice collectable in the age where most of my music is consumed via SoundCloud links.

This informs me that track two is ‘St Giles Bowl’ – a melodeon-infused Celtic waltz that’s pure The Pogues and would make the ideal lock-in song. (Ed. Where’s my Guinness?) But it’s not just the music that conjures up images of swaying arm in arm with fellow inebriated pub-goers – “Oh music and dancing were my first love/The hops and barley my last” sings Tim Jones.

Being a true British folk record, there are plenty of references to real places and real faces too. There’s a wonderful authenticity about the whole thing – especially Jones’ characterful and pleasingly imperfect delivery.

All the instruments you want to hear are present too – mandolin, glockenspiel, tin whistle – and they are expertly wielded to create engaging changes of pace and mood, from the upbeat ‘Westminster’ and ‘Her Long Red Hair’ to the downbeat, cautionary tale ‘Robinson’.

A wonderful CD, but I can’t help feeling that for the true effect Tim Jones and the Dark Lanterns need to be heard live – their’s really is proper street music from another time.

St Giles Bowl is out now.

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